Farrakhan on Abortion: the Government Encourages Slaughtering Life

Saynsumthn's Blog

In this recently uploaded vid, Louis Farrakhan speaks out against abortion.


Farrakhan tells his audience,”There is not enough time to adequately be you with this subject matter it’s going to take several lectures but I want to talk on this child abuse because child abuse is rampant in this society. Whenever. beloved mothers and beloved fathers, a woman becomes pregnant because, by nature we are attracted to each other and we enjoy the pleasure a sexual relationship, but when pressure supersedes responsibility, when our minds are so consumed with a lust for pleasure and not a lust for that which will and able us to be responsible for that which pressure produces. Then, we will kill the fruit of our womb. The government encourages this. The government encourages slaughtering life. Simply because that life that is in the womb that life is not fully formed. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad…

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