Is Your Library Safe for Kids? One Mom’s Distressing Story

PornProof Kids™

by Claudine Gallacher

The Shocking Incident

Happy asian girl in the library.Maria Carmen Frandsen cannot forget what happened two weeks ago at her local public library in Auburn, Washington.  Her 9 year-old son had just left her side to use a nearby restroom. As Maria Carmen sat near a table in the children’s section, her other three children (1, 4, and 7) were looking at books. It was at this moment when she happened to glance at a nearby computer directly within her view. On the screen, a man and a women were having sex while a library patron sat watching.

Maria Carmen quickly gathered her smallest children and found her 9 year-old son who immediately told her that on his way to the bathroom he had seen something “bad” on a library computer. Sickened that her son had been exposed to hardcore pornography in a place she had believed was safe, Maria Carmen appealed…

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