Planned Parenthood head might be only Dem willing to be linked to Obama

Saynsumthn's Blog

At a time when Democrats are running from President Obama and distancing themselves from his failed policies, Planned Parenthood continues to remind the public that Obama is the most pro-abortion president America has ever had.

It was no surprise that Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards tweeted this pic of her and President Obama:

Cecile Richards Obama Oct 2014

Reminiscing of two years ago, Cecile Richards tweets, “2 yrs ago, a lot like today: getting out the vote & getting ready to elect folks who stand w/women. #15days “

Two years ago, Cecile Richards went to work for Obama for America.

2012 Obama Cecile Richards

On October of 2012, the abortion giant prez took time away from Planned Parenthood to campaign for abortion candidates, “As most of you know, i’ve taken some off from my day job to travel the country and help get out the vote for President Obama,” Richards wrote on Facebook, “When I explain…

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