Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis Meets Kelli Douglas from The Voice

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Kelli Douglas

Texas Gubernatorial candidate nick-named “Abortion Barbie” for her filibuster of a law that would prohibit late term abortions met African American Dallas Super Stars at an event this week.

Wendy Davis The Voice Kelli Douglas

On Wendy Davis’ facebook page she writes, “Today Thank you to Matrice and Amb. Ron Kirk, Emmitt and Pat Smith, Rep. Helen Giddings, and Tonya Veasey for hosting a wonderful event last night! Wendy had a great time seeing dear friends Congressman Marc Veasey and Sen. Royce West and also meeting Kelli Douglas of The Voice—a rising Dallas star!”

Attending this event with Wendy Davis was The Voice star, Kelli Douglas.


Although, this blogger is uncertain what Kelli Douglas’ reasons were for attending this event, I doubt that Kelli Douglas was trying to make a political statement right in the middle of her climb to fame on the NBC show, however, it is important that she understand who…

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