Online Video Games: Top 10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe

PornProof Kids™

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Online Video Games

Video Games Top 10 TipsMy kids love the online video game RuneScape, and they’ve played it for years. Set in a medieval fantasy realm where players can travel through various kingdoms fighting monsters, completing quests and increasing their skills. They make tools, catch fish, watch each other’s back and have fun. It’s engaging, but pretty harmless.

Online Gaming & Porn

Other Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) are not so innocent. In fact, video gaming and pornography access often go hand in hand.

Jill Manning“Parents need to understand how intricately linked the gaming industry and pornography industry are. More and more games have pornography embedded in them. If kids play online, that is a pornographer’s heyday for marketing, grooming and hooking young consumers.”  Jill Manning, Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapist, as quoted by Internet Safety 101

Let’s look at a few of the dangers and how…

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