Bro-Choicer Abortion Extortion Scam: Hold Unborn Child Hostage

Saynsumthn's Blog

A pro-choice man or I will call him a Bro-Choice man has devised a get-rich quick scheme for women.

Abortion Scam Vid

In a YouTube video user 69gangstar69 has uploaded and entitled, “How Abortion And The Pro Life Movement Could Make You Rich” he lays out the scheme.

Step #1) He tells his audience that a woman should “get pregnant – preferably by someone that you do not know. Preferably by a stranger…

That statement alone shows you the absolute idiocy of his thinking.

Step #2) After you are pregnant by this alleged “stranger” you “must go online and say – that- if you do not get a certain amount of money in..three months. If you don’t get $100,000 in three months you will have an abortion.”

He then goes on a rant of how pro-lifers take themselves seriously enough “to shoot up abortion clinics” and would…

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