Life Chain: being a link of hope

400 Words for Women

beatrice with baby sling i regret my abortion signOn Sunday October 5th, I participated in the annual Life Chain. My husband and I set up the chairs, stroller, blanket and supplies for our four children. I had brought “I regret my abortion” signs for me and a friend who has been sharing her abortion story and ministering to others for decades.

We had people honking, giving us the thumbs up on that busy road. Three teenage boys in hoodies were apparently making fun of us as they were stuck in traffic. Before leaving, they exclaimed: “So, you guys had abortions, eh? Bwahaha!”

More cars, a few puzzled looks, a few honks. Then a minivan slowed down and a woman in the passenger seat declared: “I don’t regret MINE!” I watched her face fading in the side view mirror as the car drove away. I smiled softly, thinking: “I know. I was exactly where you are a…

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