Abortion Clinic Endorses Kansas Candidate for US Senate

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Businessman Greg Orman is the Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Kansas. He is challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.

Greg Orman_400x400

According to a website which tracks candidate positions, Orman thinks the Hobby Lobby decision was wrong. “This is a dangerous precedent to set and opens the door to many more court challenges from private employers,” his website says. Orman says he supports access to abortion services.

Recently an image has surfaced showing where Ormom is getting some of his support.

The,uploaded to twitter by blogger Andrew Bair,shows an abortion clinic in Kansas with Greg Orman’s election poster in their window.

AB Clinic Election Poster

The abortion clinic is the Center for Women’s Health

Center for Womens Health Abortion KS

According to the pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check , “Orman, while he has not spoken at length on the subject, has staked out a pro-choice position on reproductive rights. Orman believes that women must be trusted “to…

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