Pornography: Two Tips to Help Parents Talk More (Often) and Worry (Way) Less

PornProof Kids™

by Claudine F. Gallacher, MA

In honor of Cyber Safety Month, make a commitment to talk to your kids about the dangers of pornography. Seriously, you can start today!

Pornography Two Tips Talk More Worry LessYou get it. You know you need to talk to your kid about the dangers of pornography.  Every week you tell yourself that “this week” you will find the time. But time keeps slipping away! It’s so easy to get distracted with the everyday tasks of raising a child.  How do you move from good intentions to actually making the time to talk to your child?

Here are two tips that have worked for me:

Tip #1: Plan it!

Make an appointment with your child and write it on your calendar. It seems easy to make dentist appointments, schedule doctor visits, and sign our kids up for after school activities. How often do we schedule parent/child check-up time? If you…

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