Tax funded Planned Parenthood to hold Burlesque fundraiser

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Welcome once again the bizarre and sexually charged when raising money for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood of New York is holding a Burlesque fundraiser.

Burlesque 04827429085046977_n

The lineup—includes Foxy Vermouth, Francine “The Lucid Dream” and Legs Malone—bands.

Burlesque a running theme for fundraising for abortion giant Planned Parenthood

Past Events:

A February 7, 2014, “Legislate This” fundraiser was started in 2012 by Ginger Snaps in Austin, TX.

Legislate This PP N TX1502349_10202541406592736_1707684321_o

Legislate This! is a burlesque show fundraising event benefiting Planned Parenthood. This event is described as, “a reaction to the ever growing frustration of living in a state governed by Dick Perry.”

According to organizers, this production is an annual event which brings together the burlesque community to show their support for Planned Parenthood. All proceeds from Legislate This! are donated directly to that show’s local PP chapter.

PP Legislate THis1540357_506450399473662_114969489_o

Legislate This is Featuring:
Fat Bottom Cabaret,
Queertini Time,

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