Letter sent to pro-life group from pro-choice person reveals eugenics is alive and well in America

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Pro-lifers in Texas have received a very disturbing letter promoting pure unadulterated eugenics.

According to Jim Graham Executive Director of Texas Right to Life, when Texas Right to Life participated in a pro-Life townhall in Beaumont, Texas, voters went to their cars to go home and found the disturbing message on their vehicles.

Screenshot 1

The letter said that they needed to “wake up” because unwanted babies “cost us billions of dollars every year!”


The letter begins with the all to well-known Planned Parenthood (paraphrased) slogan, it reads, “Babies deserve to be wanted and loved.” It implies that an unwanted child is automatically going to become a criminal. What nonsense.

What most people and the writer of this letter may no know is that the the origin of Planned Parenthood’s oft repeated slogan “Every child a wanted child” may have come from the eugenics movement, specifically Fredrick Henry…

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