Abortion for women with designer handbags or swanky downtown jobs !

Saynsumthn's Blog

In another blog post describing what pro-lifers have always said about abortion- that it wasn’t for penniless teens who had been raped, but abortion on demand was just that- abortion on demand for the rich as well.

A blogger named Pippa, who says that she serves as a Youth Representative to the UN for The Jane Goodall Institute, has described her hours inside an abortion clinic.

Image from the Pippa Biddle twitter page Image from the Pippa Biddle twitter page

She begins, “What struck me most during my four and a half hours in the abortion clinic was the variety of women who were there. It wasn’t full of pregnant teens that looked strikingly similar to Ellen Page in Juno. While there were a few of those, there were also 30-year-olds with designer handbags and rocks on their ring finger and 20-something recent college grads who looked like they’d reluctantly taken a day off from their…

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