Wendy Davis attacks Abbott over rape case while receiving donations from org that covers for child rapists

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This week, Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis released a video attacking her opponent Greg Abbott.

According to the Daily Caller, the ad criticizes Republican candidate Greg Abbott’s time as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Specifically, the ad brings up a 1998 case about whether a vacuum company should have to pay damages because a contractor who worked for one of its distributors raped a woman while selling vacuums door-to-door.

Wendy Davis made her claim to fame filibustering a late term abortion ban in the Texas legislature.


Davis’ focus on rape is odd to me because last week, the Texas group, Life Dynamics revealed how abortion is being used to cover child rapists.

Among the many criminal cases Life Dynamics highlighted were pedophiles who took their victims to Planned Parenthood.


Wendy Davis has close ties to Planned Parenthood since entering the race against Greg Abbott.

In fact…

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