Shelby Knox: Exploited by the Sexual Rights Agenda?

Expose Sex Ed Now!

 Shelby Knox 1

In 2001, Shelby Knox was a 15 year old high school student in Lubbock, Texas. A local charismatic preacher addressed the assembly at her school and preached about the consequences of sex and about how important it was to abstain from sex to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Knowing that many of the girls in her school were sexually active and pregnant, Shelby was right to feel that her peers needed to know much more than “Just Say No!”

This event and Shelby’s zeal for justice to protect her sexually active peers helped to launch a movement, including her own documentary, which has spread beyond Texas to the nation. She has become a strong advocate for Comprehensive Sex Education and an ardent opponent of Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education.

Most will agree that age appropriate, medically accurate sex education needs to be taught to adolescents and teens, either in school or by their parents. The problem…

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