Planned Parenthood offers free ice cream to lure people to event

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On the heels of the flack an ice creak parlor in Oregon received when they created an ice cream flavor for abortion giant Planned Parenthood – comes another story.

Good Times Ice cream PP 43_n

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is holding a special event August 2nd featuring ThunderCloud Subs and Good Times Ice Cream

On the events page, Planned Parenthood writes:

Good Times Ice Cream PP

What better way to spend a Saturday than snacking on free sandwiches and ice cream on the East Side… and learning about short- and long-term contraception (including IUDs and implants), HIV testing, and screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections??? …..

(Oh and the sandwiches and ice cream are free for EVERYONE. We’ll have healthy stuff from ThunderCloud Subs all day and frozen goodies from the Good Times Ice Cream Austin truck from 12-2pm. Come for the treats, stay for the fascinating healthcare information. You might even walk out with some long-acting…

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