3 Easy (Yes, Easy!) Conversation Starters to Protect Kids Online

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Mature Mother With Her Kids - IsolatedThey say practice makes perfect, but I say practice makes prepared!

And when it comes to online safety, parents need to be prepared for several different conversations. Here are threeeasy role plays that will empower your kids to reject pornography.

Kristen at End Exploitation Summit 2014(We created these role plays for the May 2014 End Sexual Exploitation Summit in D.C. I was honored to be in a panel with Jan Garbett, founder of EPIK, Jennie Bishop, founder of PurityWorks, moderated by Vauna Davis, Executive Director of UCAP.)

Role Play #1:Initiating an introductory discussion about pornographyPPK Mom and Son with BookScenario: You and your child are looking at a family pictures in an album or on your social media network of choice.

  • Cue 1: “These are fun photos of people we love, but do you know there are also very inappropriate pictures on the Internet called pornography? Pornography means disrespectful pictures, videos or even…

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Pro-choice feminists call for “Abortion Pride!”

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Two pro-choice feminists have posted a video calling for “Abortion Pride!”

Betty Dodson Carlin ROss

Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross describe themselves as, “two intergenerational, sex-positive feminists.”

On their website the duo claims to believe:

* Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity.

* Sexual repression begins with the prohibition of childhood masturbation.

* Every individual is entitled to contraception.

Abortion Pride

In their video- the duo smirk, laugh and joke about the multiple abortions they had collectively and how they feel absolutely no regret.

Why did they have the abortions? They didn’t want to marry- one had an affair and didn’t want to be the “family on the side, and I’d have to look at that child and that would be horrendous for me,” she says.

I didn’t have one ounce of guilt,” they tell the audience.

For me, my first abortion was when I was…

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How to Shoot Down a Generation XXX Pro-Porn Argument

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iStock_000034484058SmallThe first thing I noticed about the online article, Generation XXX: Why we’re afraid of internet porn, was the photo of the elderly couple looking scandalized in front of a computer.

The message was clear—people against porn are either old or prudish or woefully chained to 18th century sexuality.

Young, hip, generation XXXer’s needn’t be caught up in “moral panic” or afraid to allow kids to see “real sex” online.

WHAAAATTT? Someone has definitely drunk the XXX Kool-Aid.

Gail Poyner PhDThankfully, Dr. Gail Poyner was chomping at the bit to respond to this insanity. Keep reading for some anti-XXX ammunition.

Ms. Clark,

I find your open and forthright article Generation XXX: Why we’re afraid of internet pornmocking of healthy sex, as well as of concerns parents might have about their children viewing pornography.

Pornography Hurts the Brain

I believe your piece to be out of step…

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Fact Check: Teen Sexual Activity Rates


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What percentage of US teens (15-17) are having sex?

Most people will say over 50%, if not 75%.

They are wrong.

According to CDC data gathered from 2006-2010, almost 75% of US teens (15-17) had not had sex. (73% of females, 72% of males) This means that the sex education (mostly abstinence education) they received in schools across the nation prior to 2011 had a positive impact on their decisions NOT to have sex, even into high school.

 CDC 1 in 4 girls have ever had sex

This data also indicated that the TEEN PREGNANCY CRISIS for this age group was, and still is, a media hoax perpetrated by the Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Networks and the Sexual Rights Coalitions to drum up support and funding for more and more sexual foreplay education in our schools.

And, it has worked.

If your state, county or school district has data indicating a higher percentage of students (15-17) are having sex compared to the nation, then you need to ask some questions:

  • Are…

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