Pro-choicer: re-take the morality of Abortion from right-wing

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Katie Klabusich @Katie_Speak is an avid pro-choicer who claims they must re-take the “morality of the issue [abortion] from the right wing”

On Acronym TV she advocates that more women tell about their “abortion stories” yet she disregards the thousands who have already spoken out publicly with Silent No More , a group that says they regret their abortions.

Katie also coordinates getting pro-choicers out to abortion clinics on twitter at the hashtag #protectthezone.

Caroline who defines herself as a “#prochoice/#reprojustice advocate” tweets the hashtag’s purpose: “As always on Sat mornings, check the #protectthezone HT for the reality of going into a doctor’s office for a legal, common procedure”


Katie gripes, Picketers stand around the neighborhood near the clinic. How are businesses ok with this?


Jessica tweets to Katie-Speak who may be behind the hash-tag that abortion clinic escorts are heroes:

On her twitter page, Katie Klabusich @Katie_Speak, describes herself…

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