Is Summerville, SC Pimping Out Our Girls?

MPC Cover SheetMPC p149 Erection Helps

Is your 11-13 year old daughter’s middle school sex ed class teaching her how to sexually arouse boys, put their condoms on, have intercourse and an orgasm, then take off the condom carefully and help them relax?

In Summerville, South Carolina, where Making Proud Choices! is taught, that is exactly what the program teaches. Yet, according to Superintendent Joe Pye,

“We’re not talking about sex, we’re talking about health.”

“We’re following the law, but we’re doing it our way so that we put students’ education first.”

What does “our way” mean? Don’t believe it when they say that “their teachers” know what to leave out when teaching this program. The Federal funding used to push these programs requires fidelity to the curricula. They have no authority to add to or leave out content. What happens when Pye is no longer Superintendent? This is what Progressives do. They get programs into the schools and let them progress…

None of these programs promote marriage as the ideal context for sex or abstinence until marriage as an option. Both are required by SC Law.

Pye also adds that, “I think we need to be more encouraging with them [parents] seeing it [the program/curriculum] – letting them go and sit in on a class.”

Really? What about those parents who, after seeing the curriculum, wrote protest letters last year? They were told to opt out if they didn’t like it. That it was legal!

Parents and taxpayers, maybe you should take up Pye on his offer to sit in on ALL of the classes being taught. Better yet, have the classes video taped so that you can view them later?

Just look at the lesson posted above on condom use from Making Proud Choices! Girls are being told, in their sex ed classes, how to service boys sexually.

Source for quotes: Summerville Journal Scene May 8, 2014 (District 2 workshop focuses on teaching abstinence – not available online. Why?)


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