SC Sexual Foreplay Education Act?

Joyce Fishman Klein
Joyce Fishman Klien, long time Safe Sex Advocate from Anderson, Greenville and Pickens County is promoting the SC Health Education Act, which should really be called the SC Sexual Foreplay Education Act.

A “new” Law, which failed last year, is being propose again by the New Morning Foundation, Tell Them SC and the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Reps. Skelton and Horne, both Republicans, are sponsoring the legislation again. They are all part of what we call the Planned Parenthood Network in SC and are outspoken advocates of Sexual Foreplay programs such as Making A Difference! and Making Proud Choices! for 11-13 year old minors, as well as Be Proud! Be Responsible!, Safer Choices and Teen Outreach Program for high school students.

For more details on these Sexual Foreplay programs, read

The SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is the primary trainer of teachers for these programs, receiving millions of dollars from the Feds and SC state agencies. They do not teach any Evidence-based Abstinence-until-Marriage Programs.

This proposed Law would make it illegal for any Evidence-based Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education programs to be taught in any public schools.

Heritage Keepers® is the only Abstinence-Until-Marriage Education program in the nation that has been proven effective and approved as an evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program by US Health and Human Services. It is the only program, out of all programs, listed that complies with the Congressional definition for abstinence education.

A year after Heritage Keepers®, students participating in the program initiated sex at a rate 67% lower than students not receiving the program.

Since approval by US HHS, almost 2 years ago, Heritage Keepers®, has been targeted by the Planned Parenthood Networks, not only in SC, but throughout the nation. They say that Heritage Keepers® “cracked the Holy Grail” referring to their guarded US HHS list of programs that school districts and health departments use when selecting programs for their students.

Now that Heritage Keepers® is on that list, school districts and health departments across the nation are requesting it, rather than the sexual foreplay and abstinence-until-whenever… programs. They want their students to receive abstinence-until-marriage and benefits of marriage education as the first and strongest reproductive sexual health message.

Heritage Keepers® complies with the current SC Health Education Act, therefore the Planned Parenthood Network must change the Law to prevent Heritage Keepers® from receiving funding or access to students.

This is pure and blatant censorship. It is also the Planned Parenthood Networks’ strategy to completely take over sex education in our nation.

These attacks only validate that the Planned Parenthood Networks throughout America are denying the healthiest sexual health message for our children. If teens and young adults abstain until marriage, then the likelihood of ever having an abortion drops to 6%.

This would mean financial disaster for their industry since the demand for contraception, abortion and STD testing, and drugs from Big Pharma, would plummet!

The Planned Parenthood Networks are working in all states to pass and enforce laws that will mandate Sexual Foreplay-Only programs, thus eliminating the opportunity for students (minors) to ever hear a compelling abstinence-until-marriage message.

In America, it is only right for all students to have the opportunity to learn about the emotional, physical, financial, and familial benefits of abstinence and marriage. Otherwise, America can only look forward to more chaotic families being formed, more crushing entitlement programs, and more citizens dependent on an ever increasing and powerful government.



2 thoughts on “SC Sexual Foreplay Education Act?

  1. You might want to check out “Promoting Health Among Teens-Abstinence Only” from SelectMedia which was the first program approved by US HHS on the list of abstinence only education programs. It is an evidence based abstinence education program which meets the current SC CHEA as well as being compliant with the proposed legislation. Promise Keepers was actually the second program on the list. You may want to do your research before posting next time.


    • Promoting Health Among Teens is abstinence-only, as you say, but until when? It is not abstinence-until-marriage and it is not A-H compliant. Heritage Keepers is the only abstinence-until-marriage program on the list. SC Law requires abstinence-until-marriage.


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