What’s an abstinence, anyway?

MPC Curriculum

Did you know that abstinence is like a condom?

It is apparently a method or device you can use to prevent pregnancy.

On page 66 of Making Proud Choices!, a lesson on methods of birth control, abstinence is listed.

“It’s important to have a backup method in case you decide to stop using abstinence in order to be able to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs, including HIV.”

Are 11-13 year old minors supposed to understand from this statement that if an abstinence fails they should use a condom?

Or, are they supposed to think one is as good as the other?

Wow! I wonder if Obamacare would cover the cost of an abstinence, just like they do condoms, the pill, Plan B and abortions?

Thanks so much!

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