Is “Making A Difference!” telling a whopper?

Burger KingJust because a product says it’s a “burger”, a “cheese food”, “chocolatey” or a “meaty” dog food, does not mean that it has real beef, cheese, chocolate or meat in it. These are terms used to sell a product that may not meet the FDA’s definition for the products they  seek to imitate.

The same is true for many so-called abstinence education programs, billed as “abstinence-based”, an “abstinence approach”, or “abstinence-first”, when they have little abstinence content or behavioral results.

According to analysts at the Heritage Foundation, Making A Difference! and other such programs have at most 5% abstinence and 0% marriage promotion, but 95% other ingredients, such as safe sex, sexual foreplay, condoms and contraception/birth control education, condom negotiation skills, and promotion of alternative sexual practices (oral and anal sex) and uncommitted relationships, rather than life-long healthy marriages. A program that does not meet the Congressional definition of abstinence education, and contains questionable content and/or poor, if any, behavioral change towards increasing abstinent behaviors over a 12 month period, should not be allowed to call itself an abstinence education program.

It is not the real deal and many school districts, desperate for a program that will decrease teen sex, pregnancies and disease, are not getting what they hoped for.

Making A Difference!, states on its cover that it is an “Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy, STD and HIV Prevention.” However, according to the evaluation on the US HHS website, Making A Difference! only delayed sex among its 11-13 year old virgin participants for 3 months and had no significant impact at 6 or 12 months after the program. For sexually active minors, it had no significant impact on the frequency of sexual intercourse, nor the correct/consistent use of condoms, nor even the use of condoms, at all. How is this program suppose to stop the spread of STD/HIV or reduce the rate of pregnancies?

It is the Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Networks, PhDs, great marketing by Select Media, and millions of dollars in federal funding that have created the illusion that Making A Difference! is a quality product, with positive behavioral outcomes.

Making A Difference! is not what it seems to be. And, taxpayer funds are being spent to indoctrinate 11-13 year old minors, who cannot legally consent to sex, into thinking that sex with or among their peers is normal and healthy. Making A Difference! in middle schools paves the way for students to receive even more sexually graphic programs like Making Proud Choices! and Be Proud! Be Responsible!, all written by the same PhDs, and published by their company, Select Media. Students will receive even more detailed, hands-on, instructions about sexual foreplay, making condoms fun and pleasurable, and how to use condoms and dental dams to “protect” themselves against STDs.

Check out the programs in your schools, find out if they are listed on the US HHS website, but then look up their outcomes and their own websites. Don’t be duped into “buying” a bogus, so-called abstinence program that is really teaching children how to engage in sexual activity.

Thanks so much!

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