Statesville, North Carolina: Making Proud Choices?

MPC CurriculumThis is another Reading Lesson from Making Proud Choices! 4th Edition. Page 149:

Facilitators are told to teach your 13 year old daughters, AND THE BOYS IN THE SAME CLASSROOM, how they can be involved in “stimulating positive attitudes towards condom use” by “sexual arousal, rolling condom on, intercourse, orgasm, holding onto rim, removing condom, and relaxation.”

[She] can also buy condoms and have them ready.”

If the male/boy “loses his erection after putting on a condom, and before intercourse, what could the couple do?” Couple?

Your 13 year old daughters, and their boyfriends, are instructed to, “take off condom, continue playing and stimulating one another, relax, and enjoy the fun. After awhile, put a new condom on as part of the play.”


THIS IS SEXUAL FOREPLAY, BY DEFINITION. Miriam-Webster: “sexual stimulation of one’s partner usually as a prelude to sexual intercourse” and “mutual sexual stimulation preceding intercourse.”

Making Proud Choices! does not just teach students about methods of contraception, pros and cons, as most parents believe. Making Proud Choices! is all about teaching minors how to engage in sexual activity that really could get them pregnant and increase their risks of STD/HIV!

If you live in North Carolina, be alert and aware that Making Proud Choices! will be on the docket for Monday night in Statesville. See news here…!

The Iredell-Statesville School Board will decide whether to pass this Sexual Foreplay Education program for all 9th grade students. Over the past few years, Making Proud Choices! has been provided only on a voluntary basis for after school or weekend programs. Students have received $100 incentives to participate. This $100 is your federal tax money. Plus, the district received $4 Million in Federal Funding to agree to the program.

Monday night, Statesville, NC. Show UP! Speak Out! against this SEXUAL FOREPLAY program. Even if you don’t speak, show up. Numbers count.

The Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Network in NC is saying that they are willing to accept an OPT IN compromise in order to pass it. Will parents OPT IN their children for the $100 incentive?

Even if it is passed as only an OPT IN (students must have parent’s written permission to take it), those students will be talking/sexting? with students who’s parents do not want their children in the program. It will set up a steamy sexual climate in the schools and sexual climate is a major predictor of teen sexual activity.

Don’t let school districts get away with telling you that you can just OPT OUT  OR OPT IN your child from these kinds of programs. Your child and their peer group would have to be opted out to protect them, at all.

Why not OPT OUT the entire school district?


Thanks so much!

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