What’s an abstinence, anyway?

MPC Curriculum

Did you know that abstinence is like a condom?

It is apparently a method or device you can use to prevent pregnancy.

On page 66 of Making Proud Choices!, a lesson on methods of birth control, abstinence is listed.

“It’s important to have a backup method in case you decide to stop using abstinence in order to be able to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs, including HIV.”

Are 11-13 year old minors supposed to understand from this statement that if an abstinence fails they should use a condom?

Or, are they supposed to think one is as good as the other?

Wow! I wonder if Obamacare would cover the cost of an abstinence, just like they do condoms, the pill, Plan B and abortions?

Is “Making A Difference!” telling a whopper?

Burger KingJust because a product says it’s a “burger”, a “cheese food”, “chocolatey” or a “meaty” dog food, does not mean that it has real beef, cheese, chocolate or meat in it. These are terms used to sell a product that may not meet the FDA’s definition for the products they  seek to imitate.

The same is true for many so-called abstinence education programs, billed as “abstinence-based”, an “abstinence approach”, or “abstinence-first”, when they have little abstinence content or behavioral results.

According to analysts at the Heritage Foundation, Making A Difference! and other such programs have at most 5% abstinence and 0% marriage promotion, but 95% other ingredients, such as safe sex, sexual foreplay, condoms and contraception/birth control education, condom negotiation skills, and promotion of alternative sexual practices (oral and anal sex) and uncommitted relationships, rather than life-long healthy marriages. A program that does not meet the Congressional definition of abstinence education, and contains questionable content and/or poor, if any, behavioral change towards increasing abstinent behaviors over a 12 month period, should not be allowed to call itself an abstinence education program.

It is not the real deal and many school districts, desperate for a program that will decrease teen sex, pregnancies and disease, are not getting what they hoped for.

Making A Difference!, states on its cover that it is an “Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy, STD and HIV Prevention.” However, according to the evaluation on the US HHS website, Making A Difference! only delayed sex among its 11-13 year old virgin participants for 3 months and had no significant impact at 6 or 12 months after the program. For sexually active minors, it had no significant impact on the frequency of sexual intercourse, nor the correct/consistent use of condoms, nor even the use of condoms, at all. How is this program suppose to stop the spread of STD/HIV or reduce the rate of pregnancies?

It is the Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Networks, PhDs, great marketing by Select Media, and millions of dollars in federal funding that have created the illusion that Making A Difference! is a quality product, with positive behavioral outcomes.

Making A Difference! is not what it seems to be. And, taxpayer funds are being spent to indoctrinate 11-13 year old minors, who cannot legally consent to sex, into thinking that sex with or among their peers is normal and healthy. Making A Difference! in middle schools paves the way for students to receive even more sexually graphic programs like Making Proud Choices! and Be Proud! Be Responsible!, all written by the same PhDs, and published by their company, Select Media. Students will receive even more detailed, hands-on, instructions about sexual foreplay, making condoms fun and pleasurable, and how to use condoms and dental dams to “protect” themselves against STDs.

Check out the programs in your schools, find out if they are listed on the US HHS website, but then look up their outcomes and their own websites. Don’t be duped into “buying” a bogus, so-called abstinence program that is really teaching children how to engage in sexual activity.

Exposed: “Making A Difference!”

Making a Differnce

Making A Difference!, one of the sex education curricula in the news, out of Kansas and South Carolina, plainly states on its cover that it is an “Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy, STD and HIV Prevention.”

The authors, Jemmott/Jemmott and their Select Media company, are responsible for this Sexual Foreplay curriculum, as well as, Making Proud Choices!, and Be Proud! Be Responsible!, in school districts across the nation.

The same sexually explicit content found on the Making A Difference! poster can be found in Module 2, pg. 65 of the Facilitator Manual, and similar verbiage is repeated on pg. 149, 150 in Making Proud Choices! and pg. 54 in Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Proponents of Making A Difference! defend its poster by saying that it’s content is taken out of context. So, let’s look at the context. The RATIONALE for this “brainstorming” lesson in Making A Difference! is in a sidebar on page 65 and states:

“Understanding that there are many behaviors that express sexual feelings help participants choose sexual behaviors that do not result in pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.”

So, 11-13 year old minors are instructed to “choose sexual behaviors” and given a list of options to “brainstorm” about in class with mixed genders present. This lesson is all about introducing and normalizing sex acts to adolescents. As long as the risk of a pregnancy or STD is reduced, the sex act is OK. This is classic condom use and sexual foreplay instruction and it is found in most of the Jemmott/Jemmott and Select Media programs.

Where is the so-called “Abstinence Approach?” It appears to teach kids that, while abstinence is the best choice (disclaimer), PROTECTED SEX is just as safe when it comes to preventing pregnancy and disease.

Is this medically accurate, age appropriate instruction?

If this were in any other setting, there could be criminal charges against the perpetrators for sexual exploitation of minors. As it is, public school districts and their teachers are exempt when instructing your children about sexually explicit subjects under the guise of Pregnancy and STD Prevention.

These types of curricula play with your child’s mind and mold him/her towards sexual exploration. The content also labels mostly innocent behaviors as “sexual” so that the boundaries between nonsexual behaviors gets blurred with sexual foreplay behaviors.

Behaviors such as hugging, talking, saying “I like you,” dancing, holding hands, kissing, caressing, and massage are listed as “sexual behaviors” along with oral sex, sexual fantasy, anal sex, touching each others genitals, vaginal intercourse and grinding.

They are all on the same list.

Adolescents have a difficult time with boundaries, as it is. What are they to think when their teacher states that these innocent behaviors are also “sexual?” Why shouldn’t they “cross the line” into those other more exciting sexual behaviors?” After all, they are all listed as “sexual behaviors.”

Sex education in the schools has been out of bounds for decades and our culture is reflecting it. The Jemmotts, Select Media, and many other authors and publishing/distribution companies have made fortunes with federal CDC HIV funding contracts and by peddling their wares to school districts across the nation.

The federal government and the Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Networks continue to use your tax money to fund and approve these programs and to influence legislation to mandate them in all schools.

It is all about the money. The earlier an adolescent begins to have sex, the more sexual partners they will have, and the more sexual partners they have the more likely they will get pregnant and have an abortion.    It is all about the money.

No one cares about your children more than you do. Right? Sexual Climate and Peer Group are significant predictors of teen sexual activity. And, your school may be providing the perfect sexual climate (cesspool) and negative peer pressure to entice and seduce your child and their friends into engaging in sexual behaviors.

Now that you know, what will you do about it?

“Rights to Sex” TRUMP “Right to Life”

InALifeSafe Sex advocates say that humans should have the Right to Sex, but if that sexual encounter results in a pregnancy, that child does not have a Right to Life. Does any of this make sense to you? Sex is no longer the way that humans make babies or for marital intimacy, it is solely for hedonistic entertainment.

Safe Sex advocates support and teach many of the programs found on the Planned Parenthood and SIECUS websites. If pressed, their Networks claim that they DO teach abstinence in their programs. That they teach it at the beginning of every sex class!  Just before they teach minors that it is healthy and normal for kids their age to know how to sexually stimulate each others genitals.

Safe Sex-only programs like Making a Difference!, Making Proud Choices!, Pono Choices!, Be Proud! Be Responsible!, It’s Your Game, and Teen Outreach Program, are creating chaos, not only in AZ, CAHI, OH, OR, KS, MS, NC, ND, NY, SC, TN, TX, UT, but in the lives of our children and their families across the nation. Many of these programs have been in our schools for decades. However, under the Obama administration, they have been given unfettered access and funding, which is now increasing public exposure and scrutiny.

The basic premise of Safe Sex-only Education is that sexual activity, exploration and engagement is a Human Right from birth. (Reisman, Grossman) Sexual relationships are not to be controlled, but to be hotly pursued, because they are part of being human. In their minds, to do otherwise would hinder “healthy” human growth and development. Sex is a human right, and anything goes, at any age, with anyone, with anything, and with any gender. Whatever.

With this extreme Safe Sex ideology in mind, is it any wonder that proponents of Safe Sex for minors and school age teens, are lobbying state legislators to mandate Safe Sex-only education? And, they are demanding that taxpayers fund the government infrastructure, public school systems and universities that will further institutionalize it in our culture.

Is it any wonder that these same Safe Sex advocates view abstinence-until-marriage education programs as outdated, discriminatory, and a violation of the Sexual Rights every human should be entitled? This is why evidence-based abstinence-until-marriage programs, like Heritage Keepers®, are demonized and outlawed in many states.

Teaching kids to abstain from sexual activity, to wait until marriage, and to form their families within a life-long, mutually monogamous, faithful relationship, commonly known as marriage, is just ridiculous in their minds. Sex is considered a “sacred” Human Rights issue worthy of Laws and Regulations to protect it.

Unless parents and faith leaders stand up to stop this, our children and our nation are racing towards absolute chaos.

To postpone some of the chaos, Planned Parenthood and Obamacare have teamed up, again, to control any pesky pregnancies that might result from all of the Safe Sex being taught. This is why taxpayers are now forced to fund contraception, hormonal birth control, and abortions as yet, another  entitlement program.

But, hormones and abortion cannot stop STDs and HIV. In fact, there is evidence that hormonal birth control makes it easier for women to contract STDs! Other than abstinence, correct and consistent condom use is the only method that has been effective at reducing, but not eliminating, the transmission of HIV and some STDs. Even then, there is no way to measure correct and consistent condom use on a large scale. Therefore, there is no real way to prove, or disprove, whether a Safe Sex program really works, or not.

But that doesn’t matter, as long as access to students is not denied.

Sex education is no longer about teaching reproductive health so that teens understand their bodies. It is not really about teaching kids how to use contraception and birth control anymore, either. It is about how to reduce HIV/STDs by teaching kids how to have fun and pleasurable safe sex experiences while using condoms and dental dams. Otherwise, the masses (our children and grandchildren) that they say must be taught about their Sexual Rights, will not use condoms to keep HIV/STDs under control.

What about the STDs that condoms are less effective at preventing, like HPV, Herpes, and Syphilis? Those are considered normal, acceptable risks. Besides, more government entitlements are available through Big Pharma for the HPV vaccine, Herpes drugs and antibiotics. Forget the cervical cancer and the infertility that results from these normal STDs.

If we the people, do not stop this madness, then America is over. There has never been a culture that thrived under these circumstances. They have all fallen and disappeared.

It only takes one person in each school district, community, state, or church to stand up and expose the Safe Sex agenda. Even normal liberals do not want their children exposed to this kind of pornographic indoctrination.

Most of us are in denial or blind, until we see it for ourselves. Find out what is in your child’s school. Show it to other parents. Read it out loud to elected officials.

Ask them if this is good enough for their children and their friends.


Statesville, North Carolina: Making Proud Choices?

MPC CurriculumThis is another Reading Lesson from Making Proud Choices! 4th Edition. Page 149:

Facilitators are told to teach your 13 year old daughters, AND THE BOYS IN THE SAME CLASSROOM, how they can be involved in “stimulating positive attitudes towards condom use” by “sexual arousal, rolling condom on, intercourse, orgasm, holding onto rim, removing condom, and relaxation.”

[She] can also buy condoms and have them ready.”

If the male/boy “loses his erection after putting on a condom, and before intercourse, what could the couple do?” Couple?

Your 13 year old daughters, and their boyfriends, are instructed to, “take off condom, continue playing and stimulating one another, relax, and enjoy the fun. After awhile, put a new condom on as part of the play.”


THIS IS SEXUAL FOREPLAY, BY DEFINITION. Miriam-Webster: “sexual stimulation of one’s partner usually as a prelude to sexual intercourse” and “mutual sexual stimulation preceding intercourse.”

Making Proud Choices! does not just teach students about methods of contraception, pros and cons, as most parents believe. Making Proud Choices! is all about teaching minors how to engage in sexual activity that really could get them pregnant and increase their risks of STD/HIV!

If you live in North Carolina, be alert and aware that Making Proud Choices! will be on the docket for Monday night in Statesville. See news here…!

The Iredell-Statesville School Board will decide whether to pass this Sexual Foreplay Education program for all 9th grade students. Over the past few years, Making Proud Choices! has been provided only on a voluntary basis for after school or weekend programs. Students have received $100 incentives to participate. This $100 is your federal tax money. Plus, the district received $4 Million in Federal Funding to agree to the program.

Monday night, Statesville, NC. Show UP! Speak Out! against this SEXUAL FOREPLAY program. Even if you don’t speak, show up. Numbers count.

The Planned Parenthood/SIECUS Network in NC is saying that they are willing to accept an OPT IN compromise in order to pass it. Will parents OPT IN their children for the $100 incentive?

Even if it is passed as only an OPT IN (students must have parent’s written permission to take it), those students will be talking/sexting? with students who’s parents do not want their children in the program. It will set up a steamy sexual climate in the schools and sexual climate is a major predictor of teen sexual activity.

Don’t let school districts get away with telling you that you can just OPT OUT  OR OPT IN your child from these kinds of programs. Your child and their peer group would have to be opted out to protect them, at all.

Why not OPT OUT the entire school district?