SC: “Making Poor Choices” for Minors


Parents, if you have children enrolled in Charleston County (SC) middle schools, especially at Zucker, Morningside, or Northwoods, (and the high school they feed into, Stall HS) you need to know that your child is targeted with one of the worst Safer Sex/Sexual Foreplay curricula in the nation.

Making Proud Choices!, listed on the Planned Parenthood Sex Education website, is on the fast track to be taught to your child beginning in January 2014.

 Unless you say NO! to the School Board and Principals, your child will learn how to:

  • make condoms fun and pleasurable,
  • use condoms as a method of foreplay,
  • act sexy/sensual when putting condoms on,
  • hide condoms on your body and ask your partner to find it,
  • tease each other sexually while putting on a condom,
  • have fun putting one on your partner, while pretending you are different people or in different situations,
  • feel more relaxed and really enjoy yourself, and
  • use condoms to make erections last longer!

This is from Making Proud Choices!: How to Make Condoms Fun and Pleasurable, pg. 150. While Making Proud Choices! claims to be contraception education, in reality it is using contraception to teach minors how to have fun and pleasurable sex so that they will use condoms.

Making Proud Choices is exactly what it says it is, “A Safer-Sex Approach to Teen Pregnancy, STD & HIV Prevention.” It doesn’t even claim to teach middle school students to abstain from sex, although “abstinence” is mentioned as a disclaimer in some of the lessons.

When members of the so-called Health Advisory Committee were challenged about the content and that it encourages sex for minors, they had the audacity to say that, “Making Proud Choices does not encourage middle school students to have sex. It just gives them the information they need for when they decide to start having sex.”

To garner support for Making Proud Choices!, the proponents made many impossible promises. (Kinda like the passing of Obamacare.) They promised that they would make the primary focus “abstinence” and the secondary focus “contraception.”

There are some real problems with those promises:

  1. They cannot and will not take a sexual foreplay program, and turn it into an “abstinence focused” program? This is a ruse.
  2. The Planned Parenthood Network wants you to focus on the Abstinence vs. Contraception debate, rather than the sexual foreplay that they are teaching your child.
  3. South Carolina is going in the wrong direction. CDC Data indicates that 80% of minors nationally have not had sex, so why are we teaching sexual foreplay to 100% of all minors in school districts when they should be focused on academics, sports and being a kid.
  4. SC Law states that minors under the age of 14 CANNOT consent to sex. However, protecting children’s sexual health was deemed so important that the age of protection was extended for children up to age 16 (see Section 16-3-655 in SC’s code of laws). These laws were created to protect minors from being abused and from being exploited by persons older than them. (Should we also disregard laws that restrict kids from buying alcohol and tobacco, just because some do?)

So, if minors cannot legally consent to sex, why are we allowing Planned Parenthood Zealots (including New Morning Foundation and the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy) and the school districts to exploit and seduce our kids into having sex?

The Sexual Foreplay Cartels will not stop until parents and taxpayers demand it.

Thanks so much!

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