Obamacare: Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

i told you so

I really hate to say it, because our kids deserve better than Planned Parenthood Sex Ed being shoved down their throats.

But, I did tell you. Many of us told you. Over and Over.

You just would not, could not, believe how dangerous and perverted today’s sex ed is.

We’ve told you for decades that the so-called “safe sex” ed in your minor child’s middle and high school is not safe and even harmful and that it instructs hormone-infused-adolescents in the art of foreplay. We told you that the content uses sexual images and instructions to stimulate and manipulate brain cells at a time when they are rapidly growing and being pruned or formed, and that the resulting sexual activity sets kids up for academic and relationship failures.

We have warned you for decades that such pornographic sex ed makes it more likely that your children and grandchildren will struggle or fail to form healthy relationships, marriages and families, and experience generational poverty, welfare and government dependency.

So, after 40-50 years of this in our schools, how are your children and grandchildren doing? How is our society doing? Not so great. Chaos abounds.

This is why social and fiscal policies cannot be separated, no matter how hard we try to do it. The ways we live our lives impact our financial future, and we cannot buy our way out of a chaotically formed society.

Whether one believes it or not, we live in a cause and effect universe. If you understand gravity, you know this is true and there is nothing you can do about it. Regardless of personal ideology or effort, there are natural consequences to violating the order of the universe and the more humans try to manipulate and reorder life, the worse off we become.

For those of us sounding the alarms about sexual freedom and so-called “safe sex” instructions, daily revelations about Obamacare only validate that we were right about the evils of Planned Parenthood, Progressive ideology, and Sex Indoctrination Education. Just recently, we found out that the so-called Personal Responsibility Education Programs (PREP), another euphemism for “safe sex” education like Comprehensive Health Education, are to be fully funded through Obamacare. No surprise.

Rita Diller exposes that Planned Parenthood, a primary author and navigator of Obamacare, uses the healthcare law to pay for PREP in Hawaii. This is also happening all over America. After 50 years of failed Family Planning, Planned Parenthood and their brand of sex ed, the agenda is being escalated and paid for by you, the taxpayer.

Ideology not only trumps science, but common sense.

PREP funding in many cases is restricted to only the “safe sex” programs listed on Planned Parenthood’s website. “Safe Sex” programs like Safer Choices (high schools) and Making Proud Choices (middle schools), and a relatively new DVD program promoted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy called What Could You Do?, are some of the programs allowed to be funded. Abstinence programs are not on their list.

These programs do not promote abstinence nor marriage. They merely mention abstinence as the only 100% safe choice, but then teach “Safe Sex” techniques designed to reduce the risks of sex while promoting the pleasures of sex and condom use. Sexual activity is the norm, and abstinence and marriage are relegated to a list of other “choices.”

All this for minors, who cannot legally consent to sex. Yet, parents are told this type of education is “age appropriate” and as long as it is “medically accurate” their child needs to know it, all.

And, we wonder why Johnny and Jane cannot read.

Thanks so much!

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