Texas and SC Planned Parenthood Network Collude

Texas and SC PP Network Collude

We exposed the Texas players responsible for the New Morning Foundation’s South Carolina report,  A Sterling Opportunity: 25 Years After the Comprehensive Health Education Act.

This work was conducted by Dr. David C. Wiley and Dr. Darrel Lang, of Health Advocates, LLC, (Austin, TX) and they have a history with the SC Department of Education, as recently as February 2013 for Cadre Training. “Cadre Training”, part of the original SIECUS vision in 1988, training for sex ed teachers and public health personnel in how to teach “safe sex” to teens.

In 2006, I attended one of their workshops around the state entitled Finding Common Ground Summit, which used Saul Alinsky-tactics to separate participants into small groups so that only their Comprehensive Sex Education perspective would prevail. The workshop was a farce and the honest pursuit of  “common ground” was lacking because they tried to bar abstinence educators from the event. These, and other trainings, are also taking place this year in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and internationally.

While lecturing the participants that sex education should be about science, not values, the presenters proceeded to indoctrinate us in their “values” regarding how to teach students about masturbation and fantasy, sexual orientation,  gender identity and gender roles, and how to have discussions with students about intimate details of various sexual situations.

So, seven years ago, these players were working with the Planned Parenthood Network to set the stage for 2013’s major changes in Sex Education Law (H3435) for SC, as well as many other states in the nation.

According to A Sterling Opportunity, only 24 out of 85 school districts in SC are using programs also listed by Planned Parenthood on their website. No wonder the Planned Parenthood Network is mad at SC school districts! They want ALL of them to be using ONLY their “safe sex-only” curricula! This, of course, is the main purpose behind H3435, the so-called Healthy Youth Amendment and other attempts now in the Senate to get rid of proven effective, evidence-based abstinence education programs in our state.

Some of the Planned Parenthood-type Programs and examples of their content are described here using resources personally obtained and from Abstinence Works.

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