Obamacare: America Gone Wild

Ameica Gone Wild

It’s official. Planned Parenthood IS Obamacare.

Taxpayers get what they’ve paid for over the past 50 years by sending more and more of their money to DC. We, the taxpayer, have built the government infrastructure for Obamacare and it is a monster.


Today’s America was envisioned by the early Progressives, and written by the Progressive Eugenics in the Planned Parenthood Network. In the early 1960’s, Family Planning and the War on Poverty began a movement that morphed and expanded under both Republican and Democrat regimes. Bits and pieces of this movement have been promoted and institutionalized by the Departments of Education and Public Health, regulated by US Health and Human Services, and now will be enforced by the IRS.

Obamacare is fully systematized.

Reports have emerged across the nation about Planned Parenthood and faith/community organizations receiving grants to navigate and enroll people into Obamacare. The DC Health Link alone is receiving $6.1 million to sign-up people for Obamacare and Metropolitan DC Planned Parenthood received one of the largest of those grants. It only takes 30 hours of training to teach someone how to enroll people and get all of their useful financial and health information!

Over the past twenty-five years, the Planned Parenthood Network (SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, ACLU, the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, New Morning Foundation, CDC, and many faith/community and state agencies, all supporters of so-called Comprehensive Health Education in the public schools) has orchestrated a push through state legislatures to mandate “Safe Sex-only” education. They have put in place laws and regulations that make it illegal or impossible for authentic abstinence education to be taught.

This entire system works together to get kids (minors) hooked on sex with “medically accurate” and “age appropriate” pornographic “safe sex” education so that their minds are focused on and developed around the pleasures of sex, not on academics and reaching their full potential. This strategy, feeds Obamacare with plenty of healthcare issues such as STDs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, teen pregnancies, cancers (oral, anal, breast, genital, cervical, etc.), depression and mental illness. School health clinics, funded under Obamacare, are conveniently available to provide vaccines, birth control, treatments, and referrals to Planned Parenthood clinics or other like minded providers, without consent from parents.

By encouraging early sexual debut, more chaotic families are formed that will depend on burgeoning entitlements and create even more demand for health and welfare services.

Notice, that the cycle begins with getting kids hooked on porn and sex. This is where we need to disrupt and destroy the system before it destroys our children and any hope for America. If we do not stop Planned Parenthood and their brand of sex education from taking over America, then it’s over.

Obamacare IS America Gone Wild.

Texas and SC Planned Parenthood Network Collude

Texas and SC PP Network Collude

We exposed the Texas players responsible for the New Morning Foundation’s South Carolina report,  A Sterling Opportunity: 25 Years After the Comprehensive Health Education Act.

This work was conducted by Dr. David C. Wiley and Dr. Darrel Lang, of Health Advocates, LLC, (Austin, TX) and they have a history with the SC Department of Education, as recently as February 2013 for Cadre Training. “Cadre Training”, part of the original SIECUS vision in 1988, training for sex ed teachers and public health personnel in how to teach “safe sex” to teens.

In 2006, I attended one of their workshops around the state entitled Finding Common Ground Summit, which used Saul Alinsky-tactics to separate participants into small groups so that only their Comprehensive Sex Education perspective would prevail. The workshop was a farce and the honest pursuit of  “common ground” was lacking because they tried to bar abstinence educators from the event. These, and other trainings, are also taking place this year in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and internationally.

While lecturing the participants that sex education should be about science, not values, the presenters proceeded to indoctrinate us in their “values” regarding how to teach students about masturbation and fantasy, sexual orientation,  gender identity and gender roles, and how to have discussions with students about intimate details of various sexual situations.

So, seven years ago, these players were working with the Planned Parenthood Network to set the stage for 2013’s major changes in Sex Education Law (H3435) for SC, as well as many other states in the nation.

According to A Sterling Opportunity, only 24 out of 85 school districts in SC are using programs also listed by Planned Parenthood on their website. No wonder the Planned Parenthood Network is mad at SC school districts! They want ALL of them to be using ONLY their “safe sex-only” curricula! This, of course, is the main purpose behind H3435, the so-called Healthy Youth Amendment and other attempts now in the Senate to get rid of proven effective, evidence-based abstinence education programs in our state.

Some of the Planned Parenthood-type Programs and examples of their content are described here using resources personally obtained and from Abstinence Works.

A lesson from middle school “Safe Sex” class

Making Condoms Fun In most school districts across the nation, there are Planned Parenthood-type Sex Education programs being offered to middle school students. We are talking about 12 year old minors, who cannot legally consent to sex.

Who is protecting them? Isn’t that the adult’s responsibility?

Making Proud Choices is just one of many programs, but this one page from their curricula, given to me by a concerned parent, depicts some of the sexually explicit instruction that your pubescent son or daughter will be exposed to during the next school year.

Are you going to opt your child out of this type of sex ed, or cave to adult peer pressure and the “my school administrators know what’s best for my child” mentality?

What will you do when all those papers come home from school for you to sign? Better find out what kind of sex ed is in your child’s school.

Making Proud Choices, touted as an “abstinence and safer sex risk-reduction intervention for HIV prevention,” is listed on the Planned Parenthood site under curricula. The research on Making Proud Choices reveals that it has only been tested in after-school programs, and community-based settings with inner-city African American teens (11-13), not in public middle schools,. Yet, it is being generalized to the middle school population.

So, what does the research reveal about this so-called abstinence program?

Three, six and twelve months after the program: Sexually experienced youth (6th and 7th graders) were less likely to have unprotected sex. (This means that sexually active youth were more likely to use condoms, but we do not know if condom use was consistent or correct.) And, there was no impact on overall rates or frequency of intercourse.

For sexually inexperienced youth (virgins), there was no significant impact on their use of condoms, if they decided to have intercourse.

So, teens that were already having sex used condoms more often, but virgin teens who had sex after the program, did not use condoms. How safe is that? I thought that was the whole idea behind teaching ALL children about “safe sex”! So they would be prepared in the heat of the moment!

What is so bad about Making Proud Choices? Look at the lesson page!

Do you want your child’s sex teacher “helping participants see how they can make condom use fun and pleasurable for themselves and their partners [so that they are] encouraging consistent use and a sense of pride and responsibility?”   Does this match up with their researched outcomes?

Do you want your child’s sex teacher using “newsprint entitled, Sex is More Fun When Condoms are Used Because…?”  If it’s in the news, it must be true. Right?

Do you want your child to participate with their classmates in a brainstorming session about sex, condoms and pleasure? What if the session makes them feel uncomfortable? Or, what if it makes them eager to become sexually active the first chance they get?

If the students do not shout out all the reasons that using condoms makes sex fun, do you want your child’s sex teacher adding to the list the following ideas?

“Sex is more fun when condoms are used because…

  • You can use condoms as a method of foreplay.
  • You can think up a sexual fantasy using condoms.
  • You can act sexy/sensual when putting condoms on.
  • You can hide one on your body and ask your partner to find it.
  • You can tease each other sexually while putting on the condom.
  • You can have fun putting one on your partner, while pretending you are different people or in different situations.
  • You feel more relaxed and can really enjoy yourself.
  • Condoms make erections last longer.

Notice, that no where on this page is abstinence or the consequences of sex, like STDs and pregnancy, mentioned. The whole idea is fun and pleasure. Is this age appropriate?

Many states have already passed Comprehensive Health Education Laws that make this type of Sex Ed mandatory for all students. If parents do not opt-out their child, they will automatically be in the class. In some states, parents already have no choice. Other states’ Legislators are under pressure from the Planned Parenthood Network (Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, ACLU, State Planned Parenthood Chapters and the New Morning Foundation) to make this type of Sex Ed mandatory. They are also trying to make it illegal for a separate proven-effective and evidence-based Abstinence Education Program, such as Heritage Keepers, to be taught in the public schools.

Parents, find out what your child’s school is teaching in sex class, review the curricula, sit in on the classes, and talk to the sex teacher. If it is offensive to you and your family, expose it, stand against it, and invite authentic abstinence education programs into your child’s school.

You’re the parent. It’s your responsibility to protect children from sexual exploitation.

No one else will.