Planned Parenthood Still Wins


According to reports, over 30 abortion clinics across America have closed just in the past six months. Pro-life advocates are exuberant, but should be cautious. Planned Parenthood and their network are not going away easily and the legislative events in TX over the past few weeks may be more of a benefit than a curse for the abortion giant.

Consider for a minute, that the legislation to severely regulate abortion and clinics in Texas may actually be a financial and public relations relief for Planned Parenthood and their zealots. After all, Planned Parenthood has taken a public beating as a result of Kermit Gosnell and his back-alley House of Horrors. Most Americans identify as Pro-life, and many so-called Pro-Choice no longer believe that abortions should be allowed after 20 weeks. Plus, other stalwarts like Lila Rose and James O’Keefe have done a remarkable job of exposing sexual exploitation, incest, rape, sex trafficking of minors, and possible Medicaid fraud taking place in these clinics.

In addition to bad publicity, the demand for surgical abortions has dropped significantly over the past decade, clinic workers are jumping ship, and real doctors are refusing to do abortions. Bottom line, abortion clinics are not bringing in the revenue they once did, and provide physical sites for protests.

Donations are also down for Planned Parenthood, so it may be almost impossible to justify keeping unprofitable or unpopular clinics open. They really need a reason to dump their excess inventory without looking like they are failing in their mission.

Along comes Texas and other states threatening to pass legislation to severely restrict and regulate abortions and clinics so that they are forced to operate like medical facilities. If you are a Progressive and follow the Alinsky playbook, this is the perfect opportunity for Planned Parenthood to feign outrage by filibustering and protesting, and play the victim so that Pro-life, Christian, “Right Wing” groups are blamed once again for selfishly refusing women the “healthcare they need and deserve.” By crying foul, Planned Parenthood can now pretend to be defeated and resigned to their fate while fixing their financial bottom line.

But, what about providing reproductive services? Obamacare, heavily influenced by Planned Parenthood, can now take over many of the tasks of providing the same services. The US government’s extensive infrastructure of community and school-based health clinics, public health departments and state agencies built over the past 30 years are primed to be the purveyors of Depo-Shots, IUDs, implants, birth control, RU486, Plan B, HIV/STD testing and treatments, the HPV vaccine, etc.

Planned Parenthood wins. And, they will continue to win because today’s abortion industry is much more hidden and private than ever before, enabling women, (even minors as young as 11) to get their Obamacare subsidized, over the counter “birth control” or abortifacients, go home or to a nearby hotel, and flush their babies down the toilet. No mess, no fuss, no overhead, no site to protest and no pesky regulations or data to show how many abortions occur or how many women or underage girls suffer as a result.

The demand for Obamacare’s reproductive services will continue unabated because while states have been busy passing bills to restrict abortion, the Planned Parenthood Network has been busy writing and passing legislation in more than 13 states to mandate “safe sex-only” education for all middle and high school students. While under the guise of Comprehensive Health Education, it is neither comprehensive nor healthy for our children, because it does not include abstinence-until-marriage education.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom document Pretty Ugly, “Planned Parenthood has built an effective business plan by creating a “customer” as early as grade school, promoting promiscuity, and increasing the need for    their contraceptive and STD services.”

Until Pro-life advocates are also willing to address the root cause of abortion – the sexual activity outside of marriage causing the pregnancies – not just prevent the pregnancies, Planned Parenthood still wins.

Thanks so much!

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