show me the proofThe Kid’s Doctor: Teen pregnancy rates dropping, but risk remains is a great example of journalistic and academic ideology (idiocy?) over science propaganda.

“The good news is, teenage pregnancy rates are dropping. The bad news is, an estimated 750,000 teens in the United States become pregnant each year, and 400,000 give birth.”

I agree that 750,000 teens getting pregnant is bad news The really bad news is that almost half (350,000) of these pregnancies end in abortion!

So, what age groups are we talking about? They lump all teens together, whether they are in middle or high school, or emancipated.

Yes, pregnancy rates are dropping, and according to the CDC data, almost 75% of teens (15-17) have not had sex. Aren’t we really talking about the college age (18-19) and above age groups? Leave the middle and high school students alone! They are benefiting from NOT HAVING SEX!

Planned Parenthood Sex Education is “great” at decreasing the rates of LIVE TEEN BIRTHS through contraception and abortion, which hides that fact that their so-called “Safe Sex-Only” approach encourages sex rather than curb it.

Follow the money!

The author also uses the usual “studies show” to make her straw man arguments against all abstinence education programs. What studies? Show me the research! Some programs work and some don’t. The author needs to reveal her “research” and find out about the evidence-based abstinence-until-marriage education programs that are exceeding all expectations.

Thanks so much!

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